About Us


About Us

Madibeng is classified as a category B Municipality, functioning through the Executive Mayoral System.


The Municipality was recently demarcated into 41 wards and the Municipal Council comprises of 81 Councillors, (of which 10 are members of the Mayoral Committee), with a full-time Speaker, Chief Whip and Executive Mayor.


Madibeng consists of several urban and rural areas, villages, farm portions, as well as a proper established and serviced industrial area.


One of the advantages of Madibeng is its central location in the North West Province, with Pretoria,


Johannesburg, Rustenburg and Krugersdorp as bordering neighbours. As the neighbouring towns are easily accessible through road networks, residents are not confined to employment in the Madibeng jurisdiction alone, but can easily commute to workplaces in the cities and other towns.


Madibeng can also be reached by train and has an airport for light aircrafts. The National and soon to be International Lanseria Airport is situated a mere 40 kilometers from Brits.

Madibeng is characterized by diverse economy sectors, i.e. agriculture, mining, manufacturing and tourism. Mining is predominant with Madibeng being the world‘s third largest chrome producer which also includes the richest Platinum Group Metals Reserve (situated on the Merensky Reef). Granite is another mining component.


The turf soil is ideally for vegetation and Brits is known for the big variety and quality of fruit and vegetables supplied to, amongst others, the Tshwane Market. Due to the industrial area, consisting of a wide variety of industries, manufacturing is viewed as one of the dominant sectors.


The Municipality has implemented a Performance Management System whereby performance is monitored through conducting performance assessments on a quarterly, mid-year and annual basis.


Performance audits are conducted by both the Internal Auditors and Auditor General and the Performance reports are also published in the Annual Report


During October 2014 individual Ward Level Public Participation Meetings, to reprioritize each ward‘s needs and projects, were conducted. The outcome of the results was discussed at the IDP

Our Vision & Mission

“Madibeng, the Prosperous Platinum and Green Tourism City”

The Madibeng Vision Building Blocks:

• Prosperous – economically healthy and growing

• Green – Agriculture; Natural beauty; Water

• Platinum – High Value Resource; Mining

“We the Madibeng Local Municipality, are committed to strive to remain accountable in rendering affordable qualitative and sustainable services to our community in line with our constitutional obligations”

Our Values

• Transparency – openness, honesty, information sharing, and availability, clarity

• Discipline – legal, moral and ethical self-control, accountability for responsibilities

• Integrity – commitment, respect, true to self and even in absence of others

• Accessibility – to councillors, managers, facilities, services and information

• Accountability – responsibility

• Professionalism – time management, image and conduct

• Value For Money – worthwhile, fair exchange

• Communication – quality information, timeously and in the right way

Our Logo

Madibeng prides itself in a number of economic activities which play a significant role in the growth of our province and country as a whole, some of these, which include agriculture, mining, tourism and manufacturing, are depicted in our logo, a symbol which defines the identity of the Municipality, Council and the community at large. The blue part of the logo represents the main constituent of Madibeng which is water. The green captures the essence of the mountains and agricultural activities within the area.  Due to the available water resources, pleasant climate and fertile soul types, the area is suitable for producing a variety of agricultural products, which include: inter alias; vegetables; fruits, ornaments (flowers); field crops; poultry; beef and dairy.

The mining sector in the area, which is also one of the highest employment creators, is depicted by the red part below the water.  Some of the world’s richest platinum deposits and the largest chromate reserves are found in Madibeng. Other mining products include ferrochrome, stone and granite quarries, silica sand and vanadium pentoxide.


Another important element on the logo is the rising sun over the mountain, which symbolizes the energy, which is necessary to drive all the economic facets of our municipality, and also represents brightness and the re-birth of our communities, and the country.