Ms Pumla Dilinga

Director: Ms Pumla Dilinga

Core Function: Security, Traffic, Fleet and Facility Management, Fire and Disaster Management

Key Contacts:

Secretary: Lemogang Lesane

Tel: 012 318 9410



How To Apply For Learners License:

  • You must be 16 years and above to submit an application for a motor cycle

  • You must be 17 years and above to submit an application for a light vehicle

  • You must be 18 years and above to submit an application for a heavy motor vehicle

Requirements for Learners Application:

  • Acceptable Identification (RSA Identity Document) or Passport

  • Two, clear identical ID photos (black & white or color)

  • Fee of: R126-00


Complete Form LL1 – which is found at the Drivers License Testing Centre (Brits)

Submit with all the above documents at the Drivers Licence Testing Center (R126-00 is payable at the submission of your application.

During this process the applicant will be required to undergo eye testing which is a compulsory requirement.


NB: Applicants who are 65 years and older will be required to submit a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner on a prescribed form as prescribed by the National Road Traffic Act.

After the above requirements has been satisfied, the applicant will be issued with a receipt and the date for driver testing The Learners License is issued within two days after examiner has notified you of your successful assessment.

Drivers License

  • Apply for the drivers licence at the Driving License Testing Centre: Form DL1

  • Acceptable Identification of the Applicant

  • Valid Learners Licence

  • 4 Clear Identical Photos

  • Fee: R252-00 Heavy Vehicle and R222-00 Light Vehicle and Motor Cycle

On submitting the above documents, a testing date will be issued after all necessary payments are made.

NB: You must 16 years and above for a motor cycle exceeding 16 years and for a drivers licence and above you must 18 years

Requirements – Testing of an Applicant:

  • Fee of R222-00

  • Roadworthy vehicle of a class you have applied for

  • Valid Learners

  • Proof of Identification

  • Proof of payment

After successful completion of drivers’ license testing, the applicant will be issued with the temporary licence forthwith (In terms of Regulation 107)

The Card Drivers License can be collected after 4 weeks of successful completion

Renewal of Drivers Licence

  • The license is renewable after it expiry date as indicated on the drivers licence

  • The applicant must complete Form DR1

  • Acceptable Identity Document

  • 4 Identical Photos

  • Expired Licence Card

  • Transactional Fee of R222-00

  • The Applicant will undergo eye testing

My Drivers License is Lost

  • Completion of Declaration Form in respect of lost documents – for DCT

  • The applicant must complete Form DL1

  • Acceptable Identity Document

  • 4 Identical Photos

  • Expired Licence Card

  • Prescribed fee is payable

Application For PDP

  • Applicant must 18 years and above for (Goods Transportation)

  • For Passengers and Dangerous Goods you must be 21 years and above

  • Accreditation Certificate from accredited institution is required for dangerous goods

Procedure: Complete

  • Application must be on Form PD1

  • Medical Certificate on Form MC8

  • Police Clearance processed by Traffic Department

  • Fee: R432-00

  • R80 is payable AFSWITCH and agency responsible for police clearance (payable at the bank)


  • Registration and Licensing of Vehicles

  • Deregistration of Vehicles

  • Change of Ownership

  • Issue of duplicate registration certificate

  • Application and issue of BRNC

  • Application and issue of TRNC


  • To implement and maintain security measures so that its personnel, property and information are secured

  • To ensure that security measures are in place in order to delay and prevent unauthorised access to municipal assets.


  • Disaster Management Act (Act 57 of 2002.)

  • Facilitate prevention, mitigation, awareness and preparedness planning needs, involving other services and role players, in accordance with known threats and prioritised risk assessment findings.




Madibeng Fire Services rendered: Fire-fighting, Fire Prevention, Rescue and Special Services.


Madibeng fire and disaster main station is located in Brits town and the satellite station in Letlhabile, The Public Safety, fleet and Facilities Department utilises NECSA emergency services to render services in the Hartbeespoort and surrounding areas on a contractual basis

The main functions of a fire service are to prevent fires and to protect life and property should a fire occur. The Madibeng Fire services objective is to provide for the safety of persons, by way of fire prevention, fire operational response in the case of fire, recues accident and also to provide humanitarian help when the need arises.